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"Take me dancing or I'll kiss you with mouse breath!"


Gift Certificates?- We say "Yes!"

Ballroom Blitz Gift Certificates Available Online!

You can buy gift certificates on line. What a convenient way to say…

Will you dance with me?

Me so sorry.

Happy 29th Birthday… again.

Hey, they’re playing our song!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa

Happy Bastille Day (Our favorite)

Now that you’ve decided on the salutation, just pick from one of the buttons below. If the amount you wish to spend is not listed, purchase increments that add up to the desired amount. For example, people, who want to purchase three private lessons, would buy three $75 gift certificates and then proceed to Checkout. Oh, yeah, thanks for choosing us to be part of your special gift.

Please click on this "Contact itsaballroomblitz@gmail.com" link and email us the person's name(s) and any other special instructions you wish to add. A personalized congratulatory note will be emailed to you to announce your gift. A gift certificate will then be mailed to you (or them) as per your request.

 $65 Gift Certificate
 $85 Gift Certificate
 $100 Gift Certificate
 $75 Gift Certificate